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Organic change is erratic in a fluid way.  The variations of nature are continuous.  While the whole of transformation is an unstoppable force, points in its continuum are able to be marked; observed; impressed; apprehended.  These points are forms, perceivable and definable.  Defining forms; naming them, calling them- opens the great occurrence of transformation.  Our definitions abstract from the assembly of things moving together in time and space.  It can be said that we stop what we articulate.

I call out and stop pieces of transformation.  I look at the space between emergence and drift and choose moments to seize, develop, and relay.  I reflect senses from the whole world of change and refract them into our own- light becoming breath; response becoming sensuality; lust becoming intimacy; physicality becoming spiritual ecstasy.  I explore the properties of sensate life in mixed media:  oil & acrylic paint, graphite, and digital.  I celebrate the realm where what is moves to what may be.

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